About the Balloon Crew

Our family owned business started out in a tiny storefront in downtown Campbell back in 1982 by Maureen Gray. The original store was called A Little Something Special and specialized in unique gifts. Several years later we moved down the block to a bigger space and our mother Jeannine took over the small space as Knight's Purple Cow specializing in kitchen wares. By by this time Maureen's sister Mary had joined her and added her experience with parties and balloon creations to the mix. As the balloon business grew we decided to create The Balloon Crew to handle corporate and private events. One of our largest events ever was decorating HP Pavilion for opening night the year the Golden State Warriors played there. By the late 90s we had grown to 2 stores and had a large clientele of local corporations we decorated for. But by this time Maureen had moved to Southern California where her husband is now a Vice President at KHS Bicycles so the company was eventually downsized. Mary took over sole ownership in 2002 and moved operations to our home. Husband Larry is a sometimes participant in the business but stays mostly in the background working on the web site and an occasional big balloon job.

With over 30 years of experience you can have total confidence that The Balloon Crew will give you the best the industry has to offer. Our attention to the little details helps make our work stand out from crowd. And, though we may appear small we still have the resources to handle large events.